Falcor is the name of the Flying Luck Dragon from the Never ending Story...

 There was something about this dog that reminds me of him !! He has almost no hair, he smells of infection , is all bloody. 

His ears were infected and there was a collar or rope or chain that was embedded in his neck at some point. He is ALSO.. sweet, loving, energetic, treat motivated, and lets you know when he has to go out! Thank you Minda Emas Harris and the dedicated staff at Official Site of Montgomery County Animal Shelter for everything you did to make sure he got out !! Falcor is being treated by Dr Heather Puksta, aka Best Vet EVER, at Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital. If you would like to help in Falcor's recovery you can donate straight to Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital at 281-499-3538 or here on our site.



We will be posting regular updates on Falcors' road to recovery, so stay tuned! 

You can check his progress daily at  


Check out Falcor's story in the examiner!



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