Recently we were asked to help out with an abandoned Chow. The owners moved out of state and left their beautiful Red Chow on the front porch where she sat and waited for their return...for 5 days. We were called when Animal Control picked up the dog and took her to a kill shelter where Chows are on the " Dangerous Dog" list and are NOT adopted out to  the public.

Even though she is quite small for our rescue, we knew she would not stand a chance in the shelter and we could not turn our backs.

Shasta already has a new family waiting for her. Where she will never have to worry about being left behind again !!

The local houston Fox News station did a story on Shasta , here is the link.


Shasta before:

 Shasta After:

  "The greatest wisdom in life is knowing the difference between right and wrong, the greatest purpose in life is fighting for what is right, and the greatest satisfaction  is knowing you made a difference".

-Simone Netherlands


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