The Jurassic Bark Hungry and Homeless Project  


During the Summer of  2011 while adoptions were way down, we felt like we were not doing enough.

 Our rescue was full and we weren't able to take in any more dogs.

So we had an idea.........

We had been seeing Homeless people living on the streets with their

Companion animals.


 These are people who would rather sleep outside than be separated from their pets. Homeless shelters in Houston do  not  accept animals.We knew we couldn't really do much for the homeless people, we don't have nearly enough resources, but the pets...that we can do something about.


      Misty Blue and Ginger in their new winter coats !


We began going out twice a week driving around town and passing out dog food and treats to the Homeless in our community  with pets. Then we asked all of our FaceBook friends and fans to start looking for these people an posting  us as to their locations, this way we could get a really big list and we could maximize our time. So far this is is working really well. We have regulars that we see each week and have gotten to know a group of men in a Tent City.

 When Thanksgiving 2011 rolled around and we found out the guys at Tent City had no where to go we organized a HUGE Thanksgiving FEAST.



With the help of some of Jurassic Barks'  best friends we were able to do Turkey with all the Fixin's plus some generous donations of clothing and other necessities.


We now have a size-able stockpile of dog and cat food and a list as long as Santa's, so each night we can deliver to someone in town .



We have begun spaying/neutering and vetting the  homeless dogs, we have gotten to  know  the  people and have started passing out  bedding and clothing. With the  help  of  our  Facebook  friends we are able  to  go  out  three times a week with  supplies for  both   humans and animals ! 

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 for the latest news on the Hungry and Homelsee Project.

We are out every day and two/three nights a week.


And recently SPARK ENERGY donated the funds for a

GENERATOR so the homeless men at tent city

could have heat and air !!!!!



Hungry and Homeless deliveries, these 2 men were Vietnam Vets, we hit Jack in the Box and handed out food, bedding and clothing.





   Tent City 2.0, that's what we call it. This is downtown Houston folks.









Cashe and Whitie, 2 homeless dogs living withtheir Homeless Humans. Thanks to H.H. donations we were able to get Whitie spayed. No more puppies.

We were all over tonight.. under freeways.... by the Bayou, behind parks and Downtown. We found Men, Women and Dogs .. I really don't know how many people we talked to but I know only 1 asked for money for a room. Everyone else was so grateful for what ever we had. And we are so blessed to be able to do this... Thank you everyone

What is Project Ninja?

 We take donations of Turkeys, Hams, & sides...then we cook, plate and deliver upwards of 250+ individual Thanksgiving meals to Houston's Homeless on Thanksgiving Day...and then again on Christmas Day. We deliver and go, we do not stage a big feast, as these meals are delivered by Ninja volunteers who drive all over town passing out one meal at a time. In and out and no one knows we were there ! This is a Jurassic Bark Rescue Extravaganza....and was held again this year in 2013. We fed over 600 homeless one meal at a time all over  the greater Houston area. 

 All donations are tax-deductible, as JBR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


To learn more  about the Ninja's please visit  our Facebook pages
Jurassic Bark Rescue

We post up  to  the minute reports !! 



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